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A master of his trade and an avid outdoorsman in his off hours, Bucks County native Rich Zaveta grew up in the beautiful countryside of Solebury Township. He started working for his father’s construction company during summer vacations in the 1970s.
It was there, in the small company consisting of just 12 employees, that Rich fell in love with building homes from the ground up. His father was a firm believer that keeping the entire job in-house was really the only way to ensure a properly built home, so the group of 12 was responsible for start-to-finish construction. Rich knows that start-to-finish in-house construction is what continues to set Zaveta Custom Homes apart from others in the homebuilding industry today.
Rich has worked to create a team at Zaveta Custom Homes that is like family, and in some instances, who are family. By cultivating a staff that cares deeply about the finished product and reputation of the company, Rich knows that he can ensure outcomes for every client that exceed their expectations.
He and his son, Travis Hutchison, have worked relentlessly to ensure positive working relationships through mutual respect with township officials – a tremendous benefit to Zaveta clients. Understanding how best to submit permits, what township officials are looking for, how to work within the township guidelines, and having the relationships to ask questions and get answers quickly is invaluable in the building process. This is just one way that Rich has prioritized relationships and doing the right thing throughout his life.
Rich is a lover of historical homes, old farmhouses, barns, and traditional Bucks County architecture. Through his many years in the business and because of his passion for homes, he understands how houses should flow and ultimately how owners will use their spaces. He enjoys design and layout, and he does most of the plans for his clients who opt out of using an outside architect.
When he’s not at his desk or out in the field, he loves to bike, hike, ride horses, and spend time with his family.

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